Inspiring Women Series


What it's about (the actual portraits can be found below): 


Since the work of women way too often is not recognized properly, I’m starting a two-weekly ‘Inspiring Women Series’. Starting from March 7th, the day before International Women’s Day, I will be sharing portraits from inspiring women every two weeks.


I will highlight women of different cultures and with different backgrounds. Those women can be active in fighting for women’s rights, human rights, rights of refugees, peace or a better world in general, but they can also be the first woman in a certain job... They can be politicians, actresses, musicians, lawyers, lobbyists... The list goes on and on because there are so many ways to, and so many people who, make a difference in this world.


Although many women from the past have achieved enormous amounts of change, for this series I focus on women who are alive and make history today. This way we can learn about what they do, recognize their work and maybe even support them in a certain way (this can already be by doing a small thing like following this woman on social media). It is going to be a very educational and inspiring journey and I am glad I can take you with me.


I would also love to hear your input. Let me know if you think about a certain woman who should definitely be on the list! In the end, we can all learn a lot from each other.

-- Viola Davis --

-- Élodie Ouédraogo --

-- Priyanka Chopra Jonas --

-- Taylor Swift --