Politics · 04 juni 2020
Black Lives Matter
A post to show my support for everyone whose treatment in society is based on the color of their skin. Know that I am an ally, because Black Lives Matter.
Politics · 08 maart 2020
Today is International Women's Day. And yes, this day remains of the utmost importance. Here's why!
Politics · 31 mei 2019
It has almost been a week since European elections took place. The result in some countries - including Belgium - was surprising. Here you can read my opinion about it.
Politics · 03 mei 2019
During one week I found myself in the beautiful area of Porto where I met people from all over Europe to learn about the EU and the upcoming elections together. You can read about my experience here :-)
Politics · 06 december 2018
On April 28th 2018 I ended tenth in the Belgian preselections of the International Philosophy Olympiad (IPO). The theme was 'the power of imagination'. Professor Dr. Danny Praet of the Department of Philosophy and moral sciences at the University of Ghent, awarded me my prize and certificate. You can read my submitted essay here!